St. Luke Anglican Church
Monday, September 16, 2019
Evangelical * Sacramental * Spirit-Filled

Welcome to St. Luke Anglican Church

Lexington, Kentucky 

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Anglican Church North America




                                                        Missionary Diocese of All Saints


Lexington, Kentucky!

We are a parish of the Missionary Diocese of All Saints 
 We are a "Three Streams" body of Christians in that we are:

EVANGELICAL: We preach and believe the full Word of God. 

SACRAMENTAL/LITURGICAL: Our Historic Roots in the Christian Faith call us to this stream, which is full of  beauty and worship, and we have a high view of the sacraments of God.

SPIRIT-LED: Jesus gave us His Holy Spirit to comfort, to convict us of sin, to empower, and to encourage us.


St. Luke Anglican Church is here to reach out to ALL who desire to know Christ through the Word of God, through apostolic teachings and the Tradition of the church.  We are also here to reach out to the unsaved, the sick and the dying.  We come to bring hope, through a message of Jesus Christ, God's Messiah.


Services Cancelled Sunday Feb. 22, 2015 !!!!!! 

 Due to Inclement Weather








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